Welcome to the website of the Popp Law Office, an immigration and naturalization law firm, located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bienvenido a la página web del Popp Law Office, una bufete de abogada dedicada a la práctica de la ley de inmigración y naturalización (ciudadanía), localizada en Bloomington, Indiana.

The Popp Law Office is a public-interest oriented private practice. We practice only immigration law, and we pride ourselves on helping the most vulnerable populations seek protection in the United States, helping families come together and stay together, and helping other non-citizens sort through the complexities of obtaining visas to stay, study, or work in this country.

Immigration law has been called the second most complicated law in the United States, after tax law—and for good reason. The system is deceptively simple, but can be quite complex. The law changes constantly and immigration practitioners must keep up to date on these changes. If you are looking for help with an immigration problem, you need an attorney with experience.

Christine Popp, Attorney-at-Law, has been practicing law since 2005 and focuses her practice only on immigration law. You can trust that she will be up to date on the law and can help you find the options that are best for you.